Zachary Weckstein

Pearl Pictures Productions is a driven creator of feature film entertainment for the global market. THE HOST, independently produced by Pearl Pictures Productions, is distributed worldwide through Vertical Entertainment beginning with its U.S. theatrical and North America release 17 January 2020. Headquartered in The Hague with locations in London and Los Angeles, Pearl Pictures Productions is focused on Feature Film Production and Musical Content.

A rising personality in filmmaking, Zachary Weckstein is an internationally recognised producer. With his focus on international filmmaking, Weckstein founded Pearl Pictures Productions in 2017, and combines a European and American approach.

Weckstein was born in San Diego, California, spent his younger years in California, and later lived in London, England. He came to The Netherlands to study, and completed his Undergraduate in International Business. After completing his Masters at London Film School, Weckstein gained acknowledgement in the film industry as the new upcoming Producer when invited as a panelist at the Annual 2019 AFC (Association Française des Directeurs de la Photographie Cinématographique), the internationally held professional event alongside Oscar winning cinematographers.

By January 2020, Weckstein released his first international feature film, THE HOST, the first English spoken, Dutch produced feature film to be distributed worldwide.
Zachary continues to provide a wellspring of talent and energy for his audiences. As a producer, Weckstein has an innate drive, and with his motto, ’nothing is impossible’, it is his nature to make it happen. His distinctive style and expertise looks to challenge expectations, and forces the audience to re-examine their way of perceiving imagery, sound and time. Weckstein: “In producing my first feature film, THE HOST, I encouraged cooperation and provided creative ways to shake up the audience, give them the unexpected, and first and foremost, entertain.

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